51,164 at 11:55pm. Got the certificate and the happy note from Chris Baty. Booyah :-)

And the body count? ZERO. Yeah, I brought someone back. Sorta...

Nano meter...

Had 9724 words by last night. Finally killed someone off - yay!

Don't mourn him, for lo, not only was he the patty for my protagonist's juicy angst-burger, but he was a lawyer ;)
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Added 1717 today

The Haunting of Emeritus Greenbough
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Looks like my pace is letting up, but today was a heavy research day. If I can keep minimums up on busy days and kick ass on not busy days, I'll sail past 50k long before the end of the month, methinks :)
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So far tonight...

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I'm lt_kitty, and this is my first NaNoWriMo and first novel. My story involves a group of college students trapped inside the tunnels of a particle accelerator after getting separated from their tour. And that's about all I can tell you about it, as that's about all I know myself.