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Nano Core

Write your words or accept mocking.

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Nanowrimo group
Nanocore was the first thing I came up with that didn't sound like an allergic reaction. The purpose of this comm is kind of what it sounds like... (unless you think it sounds like nanotechnology that lives inside of apples, then not so much.)

This is a core group of people who know each other, or know other people who know each other, or have at least met most of the people in person or on the internet...um...it's a core group of nano people (as in nanowrimo participants, not miniature people.) This is a small subgroup for nanowrimo because having done nano for, I think this is my fourth year, just participating on the large groups can feel lonely and disconnecting. A large group of people you don't really know doesn't have the same kind of energy and competition as a smaller group. (Last year did a smaller group, it rocked.)

Post anything you want here, whine, rant, procrastinate, etc...but post your daily word count. If you don't post your word count, we will mock and laugh, and you will be lame. And if you drink a fancy coffee type beverage and don't write that day you will be an abomination in addition to being lame. No fancy coffee beverages without word count, or I'll beat you with a stick.

The main nano site is: http://www.nanowrimo.org It is slow. Be warned.

A great site to get a word count meter (cause you know you need the wordcount meter) is: http://www.zokutou.co.uk/wordmeter/

There is also a word count meter on the main nano site, but usually it's not nearly as good of a meter as the zokutou meter.

I think this is all I need to say. If anyone wants to have little contests or make bets or whatever to make it more interesting, post a post to the comm about it.